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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Do you want optimal eye health? You have to infuse routine eye exams into your eye care regimen. During eye exams, your eye doctor assesses your visual acuity and detects eye conditions that would otherwise go undetected until they are advanced. Has it been a while since you last saw an eye doctor? It's never too late to salvage your eye health. Please book an appointment with Peninsula Ophthalmology Group for comprehensive eye exams.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

What do Comprehensive Eye Exams Involve?

If you have never had an eye exam, you may wonder what to expect. While eye exams depend on your doctor and your medical history, most involve:

  • Medical history — Our eye doctor would want to understand your medical history even before performing an eye exam. Do you have any existing eye conditions? Do you have any underlying condition? Do eye issues run in the family? This history helps in personalizing your visual exam.
  • Visual acuity — This test measures how well you can see by having you read letters on a chart.
  • Visual field test — This test determines whether you have blind spots or problems with your peripheral vision.
  • Glaucoma test — For patients at risk of glaucoma, we carry out a tonometry test to measure eye pressure.
  • Refraction test — This exam helps our eye doctor determine the lens power required to compensate for any refractive errors. To carry out this test, our eye doctor uses a phoropter and a series of lenses placed in front of your eyes.
  • Slit lamp — This instrument helps the ophthalmologist to scrutinize your eye structure to detect common eye diseases and conditions.
  • Corneal topography — This measures the curvature of the cornea to determine the proper fit for lenses.

You may think eye exams are only ideal for senior citizens, but eye exams are recommended for patients of all ages. Children need routine eye exams to measure the progress of their eye health. Besides, eye exams are essential in helping your child hit their peak performance in learning and sports. Always discuss with your eye doctor to establish how frequent your eye exams should be.

What are the Benefits of Regular Eye Exams?

The obvious advantage of visual exams is the early detection of eye conditions before they affect your eye health. Eye exams play a crucial preventative role in your eyesight. The other advantages of routine eye exams include:

  • Reduced medical costs
  • Prevents pain and discomfort
  • Helps you keep your prescriptions up to date

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