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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is caused by an increase in pressure in the eye. Often, glaucoma does not come with symptoms, which means that it is extremely easy to overlook. During your routine eye exam, your doctor will test for glaucoma to catch it as early as possible and avoid future side effects.

Peninsula Ophthalmology Group understands that finding an optometry professional you trust can be difficult. Our eye doctor serves Daly City, San Francisco, and Burlingame. If you are in the Bay Area and have concerns about glaucoma, we may be able to help.


Causes of Glaucoma

While glaucoma may be caused by the increasing pressure in the eye, age and genetics are likely related to the increase in pressure. Our eye doctor will assess the many factors that could be contributing to glaucoma before you receive treatment.

Glaucoma Diagnosis

Glaucoma testing is performed as part of your annual eye exam. There are two ways to test for glaucoma in ophthalmology. One test uses a puff of air, and another touches a device to the front of the eye. If you have questions about what diagnosis looks like, you can speak with an eye doctor from our practice about testing options.

Glaucoma Symptoms

The symptoms you experience may be linked to the type of glaucoma you have, open-angle or closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is more common and comes with few symptoms, which is why it can go undetected without ophthalmology intervening.

Closed-angle glaucoma sometimes comes with symptoms, including blurry vision, headaches, eye pain, and nausea. If you experience these symptoms, you should seek treatment immediately.

Glaucoma Worsens without Treatment

If you do not get treatment for glaucoma, fluid in the eye will also build. As pressure builds in your eyes, your optic nerve can become damaged. This damage cannot be reversed, which is why annual visits are so important for your eyes.

Treatment for glaucoma may include medication. Daily eye drops can reduce the pressure in your eye or increase the drainage of fluid from your eyes.

In some cases, eye doctors recommend laser surgery. Eye surgery can reduce the pressure in your eyes without damaging your optic nerve further. This eye surgery can allow more fluid to drain, relieving pressure.

Get Glaucoma Treatment in the Bay Area

We here at Peninsula Ophthalmology Group provide optometry services in San Francisco (415) 362-3364, Burlingame (650) 542-8666, and Daly City (650) 756-2020, and the Bay Area, CA. Call our optometry center to schedule an appointment to discuss your symptoms and health with an eye doctor.

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