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Eye Exams

The Importance of Eye Exams

If you're looking for an eye doctor for the ophthalmology or optometry process, consider visiting Peninsula Ophthalmology Group. You can have your eye surgery at our clinics if you are in Daly City, San Francisco, Burlingame, or the bay area.


What Are Eye Exams?

An eye exam is a test you can have done by an ophthalmologist or optometrist to get a detailed picture of your eyes' health. During an eye exam, your eye doctor will do things like test your vision, check the health and function of your eyes and ask you about any difficulties or symptoms you're experiencing. Eye exams are not just for older people — even young adults should have regular checkups every few years to ensure a healthy vision for the future.

Screens and tests during an eye exam include:

  • Visual acuity test – This measures how well you see at various distances.
  • Color vision test - This measures how well you differentiate between colors. You may also be asked to match colors or identify color patterns on objects or within some regions of the retina.
  • Refraction test - This measures how well you focus your eyes on near objects, like reading or working on a computer.

Who Should Get Their Eyes Examined?

There are two kinds of people who should get their eyes examined: those who have not had an eye exam in the past year; and those who have specific symptoms (such as blurred vision, blind spots, or double vision) or a personal or family history of eye disease.

In addition, here are some reasons why you may need your eyes examined:

  • You have trouble reading street signs or seeing the faces of people who are far away.
  • You have headaches or eyestrain when reading, working on the computer, or watching TV.
  • You cannot see the small print on packages or labels on food products.
  • You have trouble driving at night or at dusk.

How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked?

The eyes are one of the essential organs of our body, and as we get older, our vision deteriorates. Therefore, it is crucial to go in for an eye checkup at least once every year.

Get Started with Our Ophthalmology or Optometry Services Today

If you're struggling with your eyesight, it would be a good idea to contact Peninsula Ophthalmology Group if you are in (650) 756-2020 Daly City, CA, (415) 362-3364 San Francisco, CA, (650) 697-3200 Burlingame, CA, or the bay area. We'll perform all the necessary eye tests to know whether you need eye surgery or other treatment suitable for you. Call us today.

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