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Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

For those living in Simsbury, CT, Wethersfield, CT, and West Hartford, CT, who experience astigmatism, an optometrist near you on our team can provide you with the contact lenses you need. Our team at Optometric Specialty Group is excited to offer specialized contact lenses that are designed to address the problems posed by astigmatism.

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Understanding the Challenges of Contact Lenses for Those with Astigmatism

An astigmatism is a type of refractive error that is caused due to an irregularity in the shape of the eye's cornea or lens. This type of error results in blurry and distorted vision. Corrective eyeglasses are a common tool used to correct such vision, but contact lenses, specifically contact lenses made for those with astigmatism, can also provide significant benefits that include:

●             Comfortable fit: Getting a comfortable fit is important for anyone who is wearing contact lenses. These pieces of tiny corrective lenses are, after all, sitting on top of your eye and an improper fit can mean irritating the eye's surface, preventing proper lubrication, and even scratching your cornea. The good news is that modern toric lenses are crafted according to the wearer's unique eye shape. This can result in a comfortable fit that won't irritate the eye.

●             Precision correction: Toric lenses are an effective astigmatism treatment, offering precise correction for those with vision problems caused by the irregular curvature of the eye. With these contact lenses in, the wearer can enjoy clear and sharp vision. Additionally, unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses offer improved peripheral vision that equates to an overall wider and clearer field of view.

Getting the Correct Fit Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Getting the right contact lenses for you begins with contact lens exams, which is generally a part of an eye exam with an eye doctor near you. Contact lens exams go a step further than your general eyeglasses exams as they will determine not only what type of vision you have and at what level, but they will also use a series of measurements to help determine the best fit of toric lenses for your eye.

Get Contact Lens Exams and Astigmatism Treatment from an Eye Doctor Near You

If you are ready to enjoy the visual freedom of contact lenses, our team at Optometric Specialty Group serving (860) 658-1620 Simsbury, CT, (860) 296-1700 Wethersfield, CT, and (860) 236-1218 West Hartford, CT, is here for you. Contact us today to learn more from an optometrist near you.

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