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If you're thinking about finally getting rid of glasses and choosing a form of vision correction that you don't have to put on every morning or take off every night, then it might be time to consider LASIK surgery. This form of eye surgery has been around for over a while now and many patients live all over the world with corrected vision. We at Peninsula Ophthalmology Group serving Daly City, CA, San Francisco, CA, Burlingame, CA, and around the Bay Area, know a lot about LASIK surgery, and offer optometry services.


How LASIK Surgery Works

The first step in preparing for this type of eye surgery is to schedule an eye exam appointment with our eye doctor. He or she will evaluate your vision and overall health with as a part of an eye exam in order to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of surgery. While he or she will go over specifics of the eye care with you during your appointment, good candidates for this procedure must have eyes that have stopped developing or growing (usually this is the case for anyone over the age of 18, but the exact age can vary based on several different factors). Next, they must be able to show that they can perform some basic eye care after their surgery. Following the doctor's instructions is crucial to making sure that the procedure works as intended and that there are no negative aftereffects such as infection.

During the Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery is a newer procedure in the field of ophthalmology. During this outpatient procedure, an eye doctor on our team will start by numbing your eyes. He or she will then cut a small flap in the lens of your eye so that it can be reshaped. This reshaping will ensure that light entering the eye is focused correctly; much the same way as your current glasses or contact lenses do now. The entire procedure typically takes a little less than an hour, with the patient being in surgery for about fifteen to thirty minutes.

After the Eye Surgery

After the procedure, our eye doctor will give you several prescriptions, including two for eye drops. These drops are meant to speed up the healing in the eye, prevent infection, and help with pain and lubrication of the eye. You will need to find a friend or relative to drive you home.

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If you live in the (650) 756-2020 Daly City, CA, (415) 362-3364 San Francisco, CA, (650) 697-3200 Burlingame, CA, or anywhere else in the Bay Area and you're interested in LASIK surgery, give our ophthalmology office a call at Peninsula Ophthalmology Group. We also offer optometry services. 

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