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Annual Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams

Whether you've been a lifelong wearer of contact lenses or if you're thinking of trying them for the first time, it is necessary to schedule an annual exam for a contact lens evaluation. While most people know that they need to have a yearly eye exam, our office gets a lot of questions about why people have to undergo a contact lens exam every year.

Importance of Contact Lens Exams 

Wearing contact lenses presents its own unique set of challenges and potential problems. Most of these issues are relatively small, such as dry eye or eye strain, but they can be the start of much larger problems. Your eye doctor uses the time at each annual optometry appointment to check the overall health of your eyes. In addition to looking for signs of scratches and strain, the doctor will also perform a complete eye exam. This will screen for eye diseases and conditions that may be in their very early stages.

Contact lens appointments are essentially a combination of a regular eye exam and several checks that are directly related to the contact lenses. The eye doctor will want to look for signs of multiple issues, and take steps as early as possible to correct them. The appointment will conclude with a contact lens fitting and/or review of the current lenses that you are wearing.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Our Ophthalmology Professionals in San Francisco 

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